List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria – The Review Series

A lot of online retail stores/shopping sites have been springing up lately due to the increase in awareness and subsequently the  interest that most Nigerians have begun to show in carrying out e commerce related transactions. While some of these  E commerce based businesses focus on specific  niches,  some others are generally merchandised in their business shopping sitesin nigeria

To help you in getting an overview of  the inexhaustible list of Online  retail stores/shopping sites in Nigeria, i have taken the pain to research some of these sites and other relevant  site data that may be of help to you in making your decision based on the provided information and your personal discretion. Some of these sites though not so popular as the big boys in the e commerce industry , yet they offer great products on their retail stores as well as impressive  customer support services and more importantly quick time delivery. Over  the next couple of weeks i will be running  a more comprehensive review series of each of the under-listed sites to provide  more in depth  information for visitors on this site. This review will take into consideration some certain factors . Be expectant  !

P.S.                                                                                                                                                                                              If you have patronized any shopping site  not included in this list and feel such site should be added to the list, feel free to comment and i will take it up from there. Thanks.

P.P.S                                                                                                                                                                                              Incase you have a user experience of any of these online shopping sites, please feel free to comment herein or shoot me a mail to ayodejicharlez (at) gmail dot com

Please note that this list is arranged alphabetically.

So here we go …………

1)                                                                                                                                                                         Adibba Online Shopping Limited has a really great  looking site that creates a wow impression to a first time user also with a wide array of products for customers ranging from original Soccer  jerseys, groceries, home appliances, beauty and personal care  to even automobile products.

adibba onlline shopping site

adibba onlline shopping site

With an interesting  ease of website user  navigation  , users can easily navigate to the category of product they want to buy without getting confused. If you are the geeky or nerdy type who loves to read, adibba has a lot of books that cut across varied interests with  some of Mandela’s books on sale . According to their site,  if you purchase some selected data enabled phones you get some data bundles for free , thanks to their partnership with Airtel Nigeria.  I noticed that a lot of web users always want to visit  the FAQ section, this is missing ..hope dem go fit add am join. Also it will be nice if they can add the live chat feature so as to ease the stress that a potential customer might go through in making any inquiries.

Retail Site Information                                                                                                                                         Facebook Fans as at Dec 2013:  3k7+ Twitter Fans: 1,200                                                                                Delivery destination :  Nation wide                                                                                                                              Refund Policy : 7 days                                                                                                                                                         Contact  details                                                                                                                                                                        Website Address:

2) Bakers World Cakes  

bakers world online store in Nigeria

Bakers world online store

While carrying out My research, i came across Bakers world  website and was really impressed. A brief look at the website will give the user a great idea of what the website is all about…Strictly cakes! It is very easy to join other e commerce businesses  and it is another to deviate from the online shopping  general merchandise by concentrating on a particular niche. That is what Bakers World confectioneries has done to carve a niche for themselves. If you are looking to buy handcrafted cakes online in Nigeria or the UK of all types and varieties ranging from  cakes for all occasions – birthday cakes, wedding cakes, children’s cakes, valentine cakes, cup cakes, Seasonal Cakes and photo-cakes.

Retail Site Information                                                                                                                                             Delivery destination :   Nation wide                                                                                                                              Contact Details:                                                                                                                                                                    Bakers’ World Limited                                                                                                                                                         58, Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01-8116259,  01-8429528,07029377017, 07036172102                                                                            E-mail us: sales (at )   Website:


buyam online store in Nigeria

buyam online store in Nigeria

Do you want to Buy YAM online? Or Buy Am online? Definitely , if you are looking for a site to Buy Yam online, without a doubt  i don’t think this will be the site to visit .But if you want to buy Am ; In this context,  Am Refers to Varieties of goods offered from a wide range of merchants and a huge category of products.  Be sure to visit this site as a lot of popular brands and dealers have their products ranging from electronics,kiddies, health products, diverse genre  of  books , men and women wears and so on.

On visiting the site, it is so easy to navigate and select any popular merchant that you are well familiar with. There is also a navigation menu bar that have been arranged in categories based on the product type which leads you further to other sub categories of similar products available on their site for sale. The option of a Live Chat available on their site makes it beneficial to visitors that have a question or two to ask before making any purchase. Those in Lagos can use the pay on delivery option to purchase their goods while they also offer Nationwide delivery to other states in Nigeria. I am a lover of quality Graphics simply because they usually mentally reflect the quality of Products being displayed for sale.This site has one of the best set of product display graphics that look appetizing to a visitor to the Facebook Page and/or website.

It would be recommended that  a FAQ is added to the site to orientate site visitors in having a good understanding of how things work.

Shopping Site Information                                                                                                                              Facebook Fans as at Dec 2013:  52, 658 Twitter : 368                                                                                            Delivery destination :  Nation wide                                                                                                                        Contact Details                                                                                                                                                                Suite 3, 1B Omorinre Johnson Close Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria                                                           Tel.: +234(0)1 4600 800 E-mail: info (AT)


buynownow online store

buynownow online store

Do you want to Buy Now Now? What if you want to Sell Now Now!! Then be sure to click the next website link . is a online shopping site that can be of great use if  you  want to sell goods or services to prospective customers.

To be more explanatory ,buynownow adopts the middle man business model as they do not sell any goods but only provides an online platform to facilitate trade between other buyers and sellers. According to their website, Sellers can list the item for sale on the web site using the web based tools provided.  The seller sets pricing information and provides a detailed description together with images for the item they are selling.Other users can then browse these items for sale and buy items they are interested in. Should there be a sale, the buynownow system arranges payment and shipment of the goods purchased or puts the buyer and seller in contact with each other and it is then up to the buyer and seller to conclude the deal between each other.

With about 200 vendors/Sellers and still counting, a lot of business minded  Individuals have leveraged on the website’s tools to set up their personal stores online.

Shopping Site Information :                                                                                                                                           website :                                                                                                                               Mall  Address                                                                                                                                                                           EU12-19, Arena Shopping Mall, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria                                                                       Contact Numbers : 08180167015, 08033792075                                       Email                                                                                                                              BB Pin: 25BC7A3C                                                                                                                                                                  Facebook :                                                                                                      Twitter @buynownow


buyright online store in Nigeria

buyright online store in Nigeria

Buy Right is another online shopping Site In Nigeria worth mentioning in this series.Located in Lagos And Port Harcuort,the selling point of this retail store in Nigeria is the fact that they specialize in selling some certain categories of household electronics and appliances. This online shopping site has in stock majorly Gadgets that range from Inverters and Deep Cycle Batteries, Voltage Stabilizers, 12 Blade Electric Fans, LED Floodlight, Energy Saving gadgets and Solar Powered equipment. Though with an active Facebook Page , it will be recommended that they improve on the quality of Graphics  which are designed to display the products on offer for sale.

Shopping Site Information                                                                                                                           Facebook Fans as at Dec 2013 : 8,322  Twitter Followers : 89                                                                     Contact Info                                                                                                                                                                   Facebook Page :                                                PHONE 0803 2170 129, 0700BUYRIGHT (0700-2897 4448)                                                                              EMAIL:  sales (at)     WEBSITE

There are a lot more online shopping sites in Nigeria . With the strong emergence of e commerce sites springing up by the day, the competition for dominance in this sector can only get fiercer and this will surely be an interesting show to watch by industry onlookers. Finally, this list of online shopping sites/ online retail stores is endless as i will be reviewing the rest of the pack over time in the next few posts of this review series. Do well to like,  share and Re-tweet this article to create more awareness for the doubting Thomases. Definitely despite the current challenges , eCommerce is here to stay in Nigeria!

The next of sites to be reviewed include Circuit Atlantic, ChrisVicMall, Dealday, DaFunshop and DressRite Store .Do well to visit this site for them soon.

Online Retail Shopping Stores In Nigeria – The New Real Deal ?

The Year 2013 has seen an unprecedented number of online retail stores springing up like wildfire. No thanks to the increasing number of internet users in Nigeria at a lower cost using Multi platform mobile  and Computer devices.

The previously non competitive Industry is now becoming an open ground for many as a result of the ease at which it is for  offline retailers to set up  e commerce sites to expand the frontiers of its business to the internet world.

Though the battle for Brand dominance in the e commerce sector is becoming a fiercely competitive one in recent times, some of the stores have distinguished themselves from the others due to various reasons. Some  of which  include the  financial muscle of the company which undisputedly is one factor that have boosted the image of the likes of the indigenously owned Konga and their Rocket Internet Counterpart; Jumia Nigeria.

Other salient factors such as The Speed of Delivery of purchased goods, Customer  Service response to inquiries by clients, Customer Satisfaction,Brand awareness, Brand loyalty et cetera are examples why some brands have maintained their dominance over the of the others. But despite the hiccups to setting up and maintaining a robust and efficiently functioning online  shopping site in Nigeria, many more retail stores are still bringing up on a periodical basis.

While some may deal with general Merchandise, many others have taken an innovative and creative path by focusing on specific niches  targeting smaller segments of the market.  Of recent we are beginning to see online retail stores that sell fresh and packaged food ingredients while some have even gone ahead to sell cooked food majorly targeting  very busy individuals. One of Such is Hello Food at . Also surprisingly, a retail  store in Nigeria took an innovative step ahead and  decided to fill the gap in the  automobile parts industry selling car parts to car owners.  The sudden rise of classified Ad sites like and Auction/classified Ad sites like  while not forgetting deals site like also lay more credence to show the  way Nigerians have come to embrace e commerce.

Despite all the positives to be drawn from these E-nnovation and the benefits that many online stores stand to gain from the extremely high number of Internet users of about 50,000,000 in the  Country, there seems to be a couple of Challenges being faced by the players in online retail store business. Some of these include lack of trust in shopping online by Nigerians, proper  supply and demand logistics from the part of the retail stores and even poor customer support/response to customers . Many customers of the big players in the online retail business have complained of lack of trust in these sites basically due to supply of wrong products that are different from the displayed product on the retail website, supply of defective products , unbearable and prolonged delay in  delivery of purchased goods, non refund of cash when requested and other reasons too numerous to mention.

With all these attendant problems, many individuals and intending customers are beginning to lose their trust in patronizing online stores and prefer to do the  buying offline. Although some customers who  believe in the growth potential  have resorted to patronizing the less popular e commerce sites,  many of them are relishing the experience with positive reviews that has endeared them to keeping faith with these less popular online shopping sites in Nigeria. The list of these sites is endless and it is very obvious that more players in the e commerce sector will come on board to carve a niche for themselves with their quality services despite their little financial strength when compared to the big boys.  Though it is always difficult to win the heart of a  new customer, it is always more difficult to maintain a previously unsatisfied customer.

These are just a little bit of the experiences of both e shoppers and e sellers that play a crucial role in the development of the e commerce industry in Nigeria. Despite all these challenges being faced by both sides, there is no doubting the fact that Online Shopping though still in its infancy stage has a long way to go. It is obvious that the potentials for growth as well as  ultimately unprecedented revenue generation and also employment generation is still a strong wind that can blow away any challenging obstruction being experienced by the game players.

Now the question is that comes to mind is this ; Has Online Shopping come to stay or may soon fizzle out due to the current challenges being faced  in Nigeria ? Lets have your say.


The Lenovo Idea Pad S110 Price And Review

The Lenovo Idea Pad S110- Buy  Priced Online At ₦54,000

Basic Features

Hard Drive 320 GB
Screen size 10.1 inches



Here are the Some Special features:
Stay in touch with integrated Bluetooth®, WiFi, WiMAX and 3G*
AccuType keyboard with included protective, soft keyboard ski
Quick Start button enables fast access to the Web, photos and data files
Maximize online time with up 5 hours battery life.
Integrated 2M (optional 720p HD video) webcam
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0* ports for fast peripheral connectivity

Intel GMA 3150, Bluetooth, Webcam, 6 cell Battery, Win 7 Starter

According to the Merchants….

Lenovo IdeaPad S110 is a stylish netbook (mini laptop) for those on the move. And it offers the rugged quality of the Lenovo brand.

Connect fast to the web and communicate easily with this chic Lenovo netbook. It’s ultraportable and durable, This Lenovo mini laptop is an ideal travelling companion.

Due to the Ongoing Promo,This laptop is currently priced at #54,000 with a free #10,000 Konga Shopping Voucher as against the normal market price of #60,000 .You can click here to check it out >>>>.   here to view it

Check out this video review here …

The #10,000 konga cash back voucher can be used to buy products on Konga.In addition, Konga will also be entering customers to a raffle draw to win the brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s convertible (2-in-1 Laptop) for every purchase of a Lenovo laptop like this one.

Don’t hesitate to order this laptop if it really garners your interest and also taking into cognizance, the free #10,000 shopping credit/cash back voucher you stand to gain from this offer at konga.>>>>> Visit this link now here to view now


If you want to have a preview of other Lenovo laptops that are available for grabs at Konga, you can click this link here to view them


The Lenovo G400 Windows 8 laptop

Another Great Laptop That I highly recommend is the Lenovo G400 Windows 8 laptop WHICH COMES WITH AN UNBELIEVABLE Hard Drive Capacity of of 1 TeraByte and a 2 GB RAM!

Due to the Ongoing Promo,This laptop is currently priced at #69,900 with a free #10,000 Konga Shopping Voucher as against the normal market price of #74,000 .You can click here to check it out >>>>.
The #10,000 konga cash back voucher can be used to buy products on Konga.In addition, Konga will also be entering customers to a raffle draw to win the brilliant Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s convertible (2-in-1 Laptop) for every purchase of a Lenovo laptop like this one.

Other Specifications Of Note worthy are the following :

•Fast Data Transfer
•AccuType Keyboard
•14-inch HD display
•Enhanced Graphics
•Windows 8 EM

Operating System Windows 8
Wireless Yes
Hard Drive 1 TB
Optical Drive DVD RW
Screen size 14 inches

According to the Merchant, This versatile and affordable Lenovo G400 with Dual Core B960 laptop combines a solid look and feel with the latest all-round features, and performance that will surpass your everyday needs. The G400′s 1M webcam and microphone will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you’re really there. Move data between the G400 and other devices quickly with USB 3.0. It’s up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies.

Dual stereo Speakers With Dolby® Advanced Audio™ v2

Enjoy an immersive surround sound experience whether listening to music, playing games, or kicking back with a movie.

Simple Maintenance

With OneKey® Rescue System, recovering from viruses or other technical difficulties is a snap. The Lenovo G400 laptop also makes it easy to back up your system and scan for and kill viruses.

Battery-Saving Technology

Lenovo Energy Management protects the long-term durability of the battery and uses advanced energy-saving technology to increase time spent between charges to up to 5 hours, giving you flexibility on the go.

Integrated Webcam

The G400′s 1M webcam and microphone will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you’re really there.

You can click this Link to see a YouTube Review of this Rugged and Highly Versatile Laptop>>>>>

Konga-buy-Lenovo-G400 LaptopDon’t hesitate to order this laptop if it really garners your interest and also taking into cognizance, the free #10,000 shopping credit/cash back voucher you stand to gain from this offer at konga.>>>>> Visit this link now …

If you want to have a preview of other Lenovo laptops that are available for grabs at Konga, you can click this link,

Online Product Review: Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo laptops may not be common brand amongst Nigerians . Lenovo laptops  may be UGLY to the sight but the truth is that only those who appreciate Strong ,  durable and powerful laptops patronize these brand of Laptops.

If you say that Lenovo laptops are the strongest in the world ,then i will 100% agree with you.

Lenovo laptops can be likened to the combination of those old and strong Nokia phones  and Tecno phones in terms of its extreme durability.They are so strong that when they fall  Yakata down on the ground, you have this peace of mind that assures  you that ”Nothing  dey happen”  and all you need to do is to pick it up and forget about the fall.

Fortunately some of these varieties of Laptops can be bought from Konga during this  Christmas Period with a free #10,000 discount Voucher/ Cash back voucher for you to buy anything you like  from the  konga’s online store.


The options available for you to buy them on konga’s site are either you go for the Pay  on delivery option (if you are still scared of buying thins online), direct purchase with  your card, or online bank transfer.

Finally, i will be posting some of these available Lenovo Laptops toh bad for you to go  through their specifications respectively alongside the prices available for sale on Konga  so as to get shopping immediately . konga is giving out a free #10,000 shopping credit to  buyers of these laptops so it is only an added bonus  if you can purchase them during this bonanza period.

There are about 20 laptops available for grabs including the excellent quad flipable Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga11s



According to The Merchant , The IdeaPad Yoga 11S has the power and productivity features of a mini laptop — and offers the freedom and mobility of a tablet. Its 360° flip-and-fold design means owning one is like having multiple devices in one, with four innovative and eye-catching usage modes. Ultrabook. Inspired by Intel®.

Switch between the Yoga 11S’ four modes based on what you choose to do. Maximize your productivity in laptop mode, play games in tablet mode, video chat in tent mode, and enjoy photos or music in stand mode. Interact with your Yoga 11S mini laptop by using simple, intuitive gestures directly on the 11.6″ 10-point multitouch display optimized for Windows 8.

This Laptop Cum Tablet has the following specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 256GB
  • Screen Size: HD 10-point capacitive multitouch display (16:9 widescreen) with IPS technology
  • Up to 6 hours’ battery life




Other descriptions of note about this laptop includes:

If you want to have a preview of other laptops that are available for grabs at Konga, you can click this link,


The Konga Yakata Sales Promo : Lessons To Be Learnt

Thanks to the viral nature of the Social media, it was all over the web, there was  massive publicity  by the Konga Marketing Team and it was highly  anticipated just as many Nigerians were expectant to purchase  their favorite gadgets such as the PS4 And The Techno Phantom A+ at unbelievable discounts . Just as been practiced in foreign markets, It was the first ever  Black Friday and Cyber Monday Retails sales promo in Nigeria . But the question to be asked is  did it live up to expectation?

oops network

According to the Konga blog, it was stated that

 Imagine the Play Station 4 being sold for N60,000 instead of N138,000 regular prices, Ruby Woo lipstick that is normally N4,000 sold for N2,000 or Techno Phantom A+ phone that is N39,000 that will be sold for only N19,000.

On Friday  the day of the yakata sales, many Nigerians who were highly expectant  to grab these Awoof deals had Night vigils in front of their Laptops and Tablets hoping to either buy the newly released Ps4 and or the Techno Phantom . But unfortunately a lot of interested customers were disappointed as the dedicated webpage meant for the offer was  not available due to the unprecedented overwhelming traffic that the site received. Even  Konga’s blog had to admit this in their post afterwards.

Just as expected, Nigerians took to the various Social Networks to vent their frustration   at konga with some even going as far as using harsh words.


The First Konga Black Friday Deals

After so long  Hours of Delay probably due to the massive traffic surge at the time of launch, the dedicated  Konga Fall Yakata Page , where  some of the best Black Friday Deals in Nigeria. Some of the Juicy Deals were  already out of stock, but a few were still available. You can check the link below for some of the Black Friday Deals still available. Hurry, they can go out of stock at any time.

The deals last till Monday Evening. You can visit

Konga offers free nationwide shipping for all purchases on the online store. Hurry, because these offers are valid while stock lasts. Some products have already sold out.

Some of such things that can be purchased include cameras, wears, various handsets, games and game consoles and a lot of products  that are close to 1,000 in number.

To select from a wide range of products on offer,You can visit

All You Need To Know About The Konga “Fall Yakata” Christmas Sale Plus Free Delivery Nationwide.

It’s the deal of all deals! The Konga “Fall Yakata” Christmas sale
will officially be the first Black Friday and Cyber Monday Super Sales
in Nigeria. To make this deal even sweeter Konga is giving Free
Nationwide Delivery on all purchases made from Black Friday to Cyber
Monday (inclusive of items not on the Fall Yakata page).

fall yakataaaa

fall yakataaaa

Questions To The Most Frequently asked Questions Based on This Promo have been answered below:
1) What is the meaning of Fall Yakata:
pidgin english adverb for finish; totally; utterly; completely. An
example is: All the prices will fall yakata on

2) When will the Fall Yakata Sale begin:
The Fall Yakata Sale will officially start on Black Friday Nov 29, 2013 at 9am, and end on Cyber Monday Dec 2, 2013.

3) Is the Fall Yakata Sale real :
Yes! Yes! Yes! Konga is known for bringing the best and biggest deals and this time we are doing it in grand style

4) How can I pay for my goods for Fall Yakata:
different payment methods available on Konga are; Pay on delivery, via
bank transfer/deposit into your wallet and with your debit card. These
different methods have their lag times so you can decide on the best
method that will give you the best chance of participating in the
limited time deals.

5) How fast will the prices of goods go up:
you don’t already know, some of the deals available on the Fall Yakata
page will be limited time deals and their availability will be subject
to stock and the times set for them.

konga yakata

konga yakata

6)Can I pay from outside the country :
MasterCard is available on, so Yes! You can shop with your
international MasterCard and get it delivered to a location in Nigeria.
Will Fall Yakata hold all day: Fall Yakata will hold from Black Friday
Nov 29, 2013 at 9am, and end on CyberMonday Dec 2. 2013 but deals are
subject to availability of stock.

7) Is the Sale strictly within Lagos:
No! Konga operates nationwide so Fall Yakata will be available nationwide

coolAre items limited:
Items available for the Fall Yakata Sale are limited, so the faster you
shop, the better your chances of enjoying the discounts bound by time.

9) Is it fastest fingers first :
of the deals on Fall Yakata will be limited time deals so to avoid
being beaten out of a deal by someone else; you need to be right on

10) Why Is Konga having the Fall Yakata Sale:
Yakata is an opportunity for us to say a big thank you to all our
customers for making us the number one shopping destination this year.

11)What are the specific items going on sale in the Fall Yakata Sale:
A special page has been created for the yakata sale, and when you visit the page on black friday you will be automatically redirected to the special yakata page with all the deals.

12) Is the Sale strictly within Lagos :
No! Konga operates nationwide so Fall Yakata will be available nationwide

13)Why Is Konga having the Fall Yakata Sale :
Yakata is an opportunity for us to say a big thank you to all our
customers for making us the number one shopping destination this year.

14) How long will goods ordered in the Fall Yakata Sale take to reach me:
ordered on Konga take a period of 1 to 3 days for some items(Within
Lagos), 3 to 5 days for some items(Outside Lagos) and may take longer
for some other items. We will always keep you in the loop when there are
any delays in delivering your items(which do not happen often).

15) Is delivery really free:
We are giving free nationwide delivery on any order from Black Friday
Nov 29, 2013 to Cyber Monday Dec 2, 2013. The biggest deals available in
the fall Yakata sale will be the Sony Playstation 4 and the Techno
Phantom A+ which will go for N60,000 and N19,000 respectively sometime
during the Fall Yakata Sale.

Remember to participate in the sale you need to visit
Are you still reading this post? You better quickly rush down to their site because the offer is only available on a fastest finger basis…..zooms off

Much Ado About Online Shopping In Nigeria?


My first blog post.

Yes, Yes, Yes ! My First Blog Post. Okay so how do i start. Any-way-s it is with gratitude  to you the reader of this article that i am writing this first post. I know for sure that a  journey of a thousand miles starts with just a footstep.

Now to the crux of the matter….

As the title of this article suggests, i have always been passionate about the potentials  that lie in the E commerce industry in Nigeria. I know that a lot of challenges currently  facing (grammatical blunder!) this sector. But as someone who believes in the future of  the sector, i have specially decided to play my tiny little part by creating a first of a kind  blog that deals strictly with the Online Shopping world as a whole in Nigeria. We all (an  assumption) know the most popular and domineering E commerce brands (do some  thinking) when it comes to Online Shopping in Nigeria . The truth is that there are some  interesting online stores that many people hardly know of or patronize basically due to  their weaker financial capabilities to out do the big boys (you already know their names)

Without much ado, It is with great pleasure that i am presenting to you Naija’s Premier  Online Shopping Blog. I will be so dedicated to updating this blog on a regular basis, so  do well to visit this space .

Though this blog is still in its infant stage, (as at Nov 2013) i have a lot of plans in terms of  content creation for this blog.The major content will dwell on a review of various e commerce  site that are in my list as at when due.(you can send me a message if you have an online shopping  mall that serves the Nigerian market), local news from the e commerce world, Press Releases,  shopping tutorials and guides, customer user experiences and opinions (you can write about  your personal shopping experience and send it for posting on this blog) , current offers and  promos being run by most of these sites and a whole lot of things that will get you to love the  e commerce industry like never before.

Before my farewell paragraph, i want to briefly test your knowledge of the  E- commerce  sector n Nigeria

The puzzle is basically for you to list in the comment box below ALL the online shopping malls  that you can currently think of(no cheating , no googling, type it  below now!).


I personally know at least 25 of them, but let me Test your  knowledge of the  multi billion  naira  e commerce  industry in Nigeria by mentioning in the  comment box those  ones that  you know.

Your time starts right about……NOW! lol